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Students at Studio One have three choices for areas of emphasis in their dance training:
  • Social:  for the student who wants to have fun while becoming a polished dancer, able to lead or follow with confidence on the social dance floor.
  • Competitive:  for the student who wants to be recognized for his or her dancing skill, to try his or her skills out in competition against other students, or to enjoy more disciplined and aerobic training.  If you’ve watched competitive ballroom dancing on television and wished you could do it yourself, this style of training is for you!
  • Exhibition:  for the student who may not wish to compete, but who wants the disciplined training that allows them to master complex patterns and present them in a solo exhibition.
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  Our students train through four levels of instruction.
Foundation: a program designed to fit most dance situations and provide a beginning to all other advanced dancing.

Bronze: the “high school” level of dancing.  Once you’ve completed your Bronze program, you will be a competent social dancer.  You’ll be considered an “average” dancer in our school, and a “good” dancer in outside social circles.

Silver: the “college” level of dancing, where you begin to learn more complex choreography and technique.  A student who has completed his or her Silver program is considered an “excellent” dancer.

Gold: the “graduate school” level of dancing.  This level teaches the look of the professional, polishing and refining advanced material.  A Gold level dancer is considered “outstanding.”


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